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Message 00374: Re: a couple of questions

> Thanks!  I am *so* glad this redaction death march is done.  I can get back
> to focusing on real strategy now that we have an asset ("the audit") to draw
> on.  It would take the administrative office 12 months to audit 32
> districts, and they actually own the data already!
> You know some of those pdf files are so bad that my adobe acrobat
> professional refuses to open the files?  I have to use apple preview to open
> and save as (e.g., re-distill) for hundreds of files at a time before I can
> even begin the redaction.  find . -name "*pdf" -exec open -a Preview.app {}
> \; and then a whole bunch of alt/shift/s --> <cr> -> [yes] -> alt/w.

jesus! on behalf of America, I am so sorry...