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Message 00375: memo

the attached will get proofed this evening then goes out by fedex tomorrow to the judges.

next week, i'll prepare the public release (I have to do some serious redaction before I can get these memos released and I want them out at the same time as the data).

Comments welcome.

Schultz, by the way, seems to alternate between wanting to take credit for this and being scared to stick his neck out. He had the gall to say that "we did you a big favor" by getting me this data ... my understanding was he didn't do shit. :) Anyway, he's dangerous and seems to want to dine out on this story (he approached the deputy u.s. attorney who specializes in pacer and started talking to him as if he knew inside information ... luckily this guy knows me but Schultz know that). Anyway ... just a heads up to watch your back.


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