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Message 00376: Re: memo

wow, that report looks great. if I had to make one comment, it'd be
that i think # of cases (ls almd | wc -l) might be more useful than #
of HTML files in table 1, but it's not a big deal.

> Schultz, by the way, seems to alternate between wanting to take credit for
> this and being scared to stick his neck out.  He had the gall to say that
> "we did you a big favor" by getting me this data ... my understanding was he
> didn't do shit.  :)  Anyway, he's dangerous and seems to want to dine out on
> this story (he approached the deputy u.s. attorney who specializes in pacer
> and started talking to him as if he knew inside information ... luckily this
> guy knows me but Schultz know that).  Anyway ... just a heads up to watch
> your back.

yikes! thanks for the warning. i talked to him yesterday and he said
after talking to you his plan was to keep quiet and only talk about it
to counsel, but he never mentioned that... thanks