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Message 00355: a couple of questions

Hi -

Can you tell me more about how access to the pacer data was secured? You said a cookie ... clear-text password transported in the cookie or somehow encrypted? How did one get to that point? Was https involved at any point?

Second, do you believe that for the districts you have, you are complete? Or are these incomplete snapshots? How would one estimate what portion of a district we have in that case?

I will be finished with my redaction death march sometime tomorrow. I've personally redacted all the 32 districts, so I'll be able to present the judicial conference with a dvd that lets them compare clean to original copies, plus there is a ton of summary data I'll be able to present. After I'm done with redaction, it will take me a few days to prepare the summary tables, burn the DVDs, write the letters, and fedex the whole mess out. After that is done, the data gets released.

So, one final question ... do you want to do this with attribution or do you want to be anonymous whistleblower? The former is potentially dangerous to you, but that is totally your call. Let me know if you'd like me to list the pros and cons of the two approaches. We're doing some of the anonymous whistleblower routine in any case, as I'm assuming your sacramento contact does not want to be identified.


P.S. I'm counting the total number of pages, but it is taking *forever*. I will have final count in about a week, but what we have so far is:

./summarize.sh pacer*txt ; date
Dist            Files   Pages   "Value"       Pages/Files
akd       54434   276841        $  22147.28     5.09
almd     139471   930379        $  74430.32     6.67
azd       27775   185876        $  14870.08     6.69
gud       32889   150607        $  12048.56     4.58
hid       47448   278832        $  22306.56     5.88
ilcd      76860   571377        $  45710.16     7.43
ilnd      71730   352181        $  28174.48     4.91
nysd     157506  1386153        $ 110892.24     8.80
         608113  4132246        $ 330579.68

The value number is one we're not going to publish and you and I should not talk about it. If others want to do the math, that is fine, but we should avoid that.