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Message 00369: Re: a couple of questions

So, I know the url to see if a docket exists now. for example, this tells me arizona docket number 400,000 exists:


Is there a url I can do a binary search on to see if documents exist (e.g., there is real data) for that case? I don't want to do their whole database, but I'd sure like to know, e.g., what percentage of the southern district of texas I got (the chair of the rules committee is chief judge of that district and she has a perfect record so far ... I'd like to be able to say something like "after auditing 38.2% of your district's data, I am pleased to inform you that ....".

This may seem trivial, but one of the biggest ways to get the attention of the mainframe computer people is to be spot on with data they can recognize. One reason c-span took me so seriously is I was *really* close when I estimated how much it would cost to buy all their DVDs and videotapes.

Sorry to be such a pest ...