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Message 00367: Re: a couple of questions

> Hmmm .... so here is my summary table so far.  The results don't necessarily
> look right here for some of the districts.  Can you look at these and see
> what you think?  The numbers in the columns are the results of your script
> ... the last column is total number of gigabytes.

Your numbers look right to me. It's important to note that the % here
is the % of cases, whereas my 25% number is a % of data. It seems the
majority of cases in PACER are old cases for which they've only
digitized the dockets and not the documents, so they make up a large
percentage of the number of cases, but very little of the actual data.

So, for example, mad has 100,000 dockets but Justia reports that only
14K of them have real data