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Message 00360: intro ...

Jeff -

Wanted to introduce you to Aaron Swartz, who lives in Cambridge and makes use of your net at times (I think he's an alum and he currently works with the Media Lab, LCS, W3c, and various other groups). He is the kind of user like me or perhaps Peter Lothberg whom you should get to know. :)

Aaron wrote the rss spec, has helped Brewster Kahle out on his open library, Lessig on various endeavors.

You two should get together. Short-term ... he's sitting on a bunch of 3480 tapes of public domain data from the government that he wants to help liberate. Was wondering if perhaps you might know of a 3480 tape drive sitting around MIT someplace?

Best regards,


P.S. FYA ... have you seen code city?  http://www.archive.org/details/ip3tv