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Message 00373: Re: a couple of questions

On Oct 20, 2008, at 5:40 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

That lets us get the data out but not have to be in the end user business.

That sounds reasonable to me. And if someone starts putting adwords on
it or if the Judiciary gets its act together, we can reopen things

Thanks! I am *so* glad this redaction death march is done. I can get back to focusing on real strategy now that we have an asset ("the audit") to draw on. It would take the administrative office 12 months to audit 32 districts, and they actually own the data already!

You know some of those pdf files are so bad that my adobe acrobat professional refuses to open the files? I have to use apple preview to open and save as (e.g., re-distill) for hundreds of files at a time before I can even begin the redaction. find . -name "*pdf" -exec open -a Preview.app {} \; and then a whole bunch of alt/shift/s --> <cr> -> [yes] -> alt/w.