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Message 00643: Re: vivek

On Mar 9, 2009, at 6:01 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

there is a lot of opacity in the transparency crowd ... they are playing lots of different games with different folks. It would be nice if we talked
among ourselves to see what is up.

if you would like to join up, the question is are they recruiting you or would you simply like to do it? if they are recruiting you, go for it.
 absolutely.  that would be great.

yeah, I haven't heard anything solid, but I've indicated I'm open to
it. Clay has apparently been pushing me pretty hard.

we should talk ... i'm getting pretty strong visibility. let me see what I can do. we're all looking for cracks in the wall ... got some interesting insight into some of the dynamics there.

wow, the book looks awesome

getting there ... i sure wish the hyperlinks stayed in place. the individual pdf files created from the harvested html has all the proper links (datestamp goes to individual tweet, all links inside the text are active, the icon and name goes to the username, the client name goes to the software home page) but by the time I gang them 3-up in the layout, we loose the links. That means I'll have to brute force 3,000 hyperlinks by hand. :)

but, it will be a really pretty book ... it will tell a story.