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Message 00637: Re: vivek

On Mar 9, 2009, at 5:11 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

you do realize he's not the one doing the typosquatting. he registered
it with register.com and this is the default thing they do with it
unless you update the dns.

yes, absolutely ... which he should do (should have done) promptly. it is embarrassing.

(and www.kundra.net is equally screwed up.) this would mean absolutely nothing if this were a non-technical position. and, it would mean nothing simply because it happens. what offends me is that once they hear about it, they don't take 10 minutes and just fix it.

had a similar issue with the big e-rulemaking report they issued (the so-called "Katzen Commission"). Nice enough report, issued in PDF, but the links were all broken. I fixed 172 broken links in the PDF, sent the repaired file into everybody from Sally Katzen, Bruce McConnell, Tom Bruce, Beth Noveck, Cornell, etc, etc ... not one of them even answered, let alone installed the patch.

maybe I'm nuts, but it seems that government officials should respond to these things by simply fixing them and moving on. I must do 100 similar transactions per week, so I'm baffled when I send a note to 10 people and nobody even answers.