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Message 00636: Re: vivek

you do realize he's not the one doing the typosquatting. he registered
it with register.com and this is the default thing they do with it
unless you update the dns.

On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 7:55 PM, Carl Malamud <xxxxxxx@media.org> wrote:
> On Mar 9, 2009, at 4:41 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:
>>> P.S. You've seen kundra.net?  They told him he'd have budget authority,
>>> but
>>> he has to raise the money himself.  ;)
>> that was a joke, right? your twitter feed can be deadpan sometimes
> look at kundra.net and www.kundra.net and do a whois on kundra.net. it is
> his ...
> I do not actually believe he is using the revenue stream from this to retire
> the federal deficit, but I do find it a bit offensive that he has that site
> up there and is totally clueless to the fact  ... I sent numerous email
> directly to him and to various folks around him saying he really ought to
> clean it up because it would look just awful on /. or boingboing in the
> wrong hands.  But, apparently nobody is listening.
> I find kundra.net pretty offensive for a government official to be
> typosquatting on, don't you?