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Message 00641: Re: vivek

On Mar 9, 2009, at 5:38 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

they all seem overwhelmed at the moment. no tech staff yet.

i know. the thing they don't realize is they're probably not going to get
any.  :)

why not? i've been thinking of joining up, thus the question about vivek.

there is a lot of opacity in the transparency crowd ... they are playing lots of different games with different folks. It would be nice if we talked among ourselves to see what is up.

if you would like to join up, the question is are they recruiting you or would you simply like to do it? if they are recruiting you, go for it. absolutely. that would be great.

i told you i've offered to donate bulk.resource.org to them to kick start data.gov? In theory, meeting on Tuesday about that. Paul Vixie said he
would personally do the install for them.

heh, that would be fun.

 We also, in theory, have a deal
cooking with gpo which would have us create an API for their stuff as a joint venture between public.resource and gpo.gov. In both cases, I'll
believe it when I see it.

did the gpo start a twitter feed to compete with you? nice effects of pushing...

actually, Mike Wash and I have been working together on that one. That and the data.gov donation are part of a scheme Clay and I have been tossing about which is we essentially form well-formed advisory groups that actually do something and then essentially forcing them on the various agencies ... my gpo and data.gov efforts are potential prototypes.

In the meantime,. I will be giving tech talks next week to the smithsonian webmasters, the senate sysadmins, and the house new media staffers. Also meeting with the appropriations clerks for both judicial and legislative to discuss financial issues ("is it proper for the courts to be hoarding $150m in this time of economic crisis?"). And, meeting with the union president,
c-span, librarians.  Should be a very interesting week.

awesome. I hope you twitter it!

you bet. although my campaign is officially moving on to dc, I intend to keep this stream going. you'll see why in the attachment.

If you're on high-bandwidth, can show you the first proof on my nomination
book ... first 191 pages (final is about 350 pages).

yup, i'd love to see it

the attached is what we would call rushes ... I'd be very unhappy to see it injected into wider distribution. I'll be at a stable version later in the week, but thought you'd like an early preview. I'll do the data poster as the cover, the committee as the title page, my prepared statement, the tweets, then my position paper and resume.


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