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Message 00559: Re: nyt

On Feb 4, 2009, at 1:13 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

independent is good. a book would be a very useful thing to write if you can do it ... puts you in a different league, particularly if you can write
more than one.

yeah, i feel like I'd be fairly good at grinding out writing and I
have lots of ideas for books. guess I should give it a try.

it isn't that hard. and, you can only write a few hours a day, so sometimes you actually have time to do other things. you and becky make a pretty good swat team for big complicated projects ...

let me know if you need advice on books and proposals and stuff ... after this nytimes piece, you'll have a real hacker reputation, so that would make it easier to sell the book to a publisher (of self- publish if you go that route, probably not a good idea for you, but you can consider it).