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Message 00532: Re: check wasn't cashed ...

On Jan 28, 2009, at 1:50 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

yikes. what's stressing you out? the funding situation? that sucks.

to answer your question, btw, there is simply no funding situation right now for ops-oriented groups like mine ... economy sucks + Obama will fix all problems = $0. Got a couple months left on my runway and am still working feverishly to get the feds to nationalize my operation and let me do GPO.


P.S. the district courts are all redacting now ... I did some really heavy hitting after the third-and-final notices ... sent my notices to the AO, cc'd Schwartz, he called them the next day, then I started calling clerks directly and asking why there were refusing to comply with the law since they had surely been notified repeatedly by the AO that they were not in compliance ... they all started calling back to the AO going "WTF!!" and have been pulling documents right and left. I'm in direct communication with close to a dozen of the district courts now. Oh ... and Lexis just wrote to me that they voluntarily redacted the ssn's of 1m military officers from 21 years of the Congressional Record, joining WestLaw and W.S. Hein in the voluntary redaction program I set up.