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Message 00436: Re: slaby at EOP OA

On Nov 29, 2008, at 2:58 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

wow, that's fantastic! at the sunlight meeting we were joking about
pushing you or James Jacobs for the job. aim high!

i would be so much more dangerous than james jacobs. you should see the 100-day/1-year/4-year plan I submitted. :) and, I've got serious ops experience, so they are taking me very seriously.

it is a big deal ... largest industrial facility in the district of columbia (1.5 million square foot printing plant), $50m secure document unit that does rfid-enabled passports, $950m in print procurement for the executive branch (2200 employees and you get your own police force). but, i've read every doc about gpo back to the 1858 nytimes article and i'm now serving more pages than they are, so I'm hopeful the hill types (whom the job officially reports to) will go for this.

there is some rather unique authority (besides being able to arrest somebody for, e.g., using comic sans on government property) ... I'm pretty sure we could pretty much solve the "primary legal materials" problem that we've been working on within 90 days of getting the steering wheel (including all of pacer, or at least the motions and opinions).

anyway ... need to finish packing. 6am flight, 4am checkin, 3am leave the house ... sigh. I hate flying.