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Message 00434: Re: slaby at EOP OA

if you promise totally zipped lipped, happy to tell you why I'm in DC, but I want absolute secrecy ....

i'm happy to agree to total secrecy.

I'm apparently on the short list to be public printer of the united states. it was my idea, but they haven't laughed me out of the room, and I'm getting some decent support. Vint, Lessig, O'Reilly are my 3 personal references. The hill seems happy, a few librarians are helping me out. It still needs to pass the john podesta "are you kidding me" test, not to mention the "over my dead body" from the chief justice, and various shoot and kill operations in the senate by the fire chiefs, thomson, microsoft, and what not. So, definitely not worth getting overly excited, but worth 4 days in the district to meet and greet.

Fingers crossed. I'm still *definitely* a long-shot. But hey ... I'm still on the board and they're answering my email. :)