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Message 00432: Re: slaby at EOP OA

i'll be in dc, including visits to transition, house, senate, judiciary this week, so hoping to learn more.

I've known slaby was setting up the eop systems, so not surprised he's listed as an agency review guy.

Do you know slaby well? Hoping to see him when I'm in there, though I'm not sure if he's tired of my sending him all the bugs I find or others find. just little crap like running ssh v1 on change.gov, open zeus port on change.gov, audio clipped on the weekly presidential video, smtp screwed up on ptt.gov (acking whether an address exists or not), etc., etc. ... He may not want to see me. :) Anyway, if you know him, I can tell him you're doing the .gov audit for us. Something to talk about besides how bsd screwed up again.

if you promise totally zipped lipped, happy to tell you why I'm in DC, but I want absolute secrecy ....


On Nov 29, 2008, at 2:18 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:


hadn't noticed this before:


OA, Michael Lyle
OA, Michael Slaby