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Message 00185: Re: pacer

On Sep 4, 2008, at 6:10 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

i've got a program of "court reporters" in which individuals each adopt a
court and do something--or-other to build up an archive.


it's marketing.  :)

what's the easiest way to get me the data? you want to just cut dvds or exchange cheap hard drives? do you need an account you can write in on our
thumper box?

an account on the box would be best.

i'll send a note out shortly.

make sure that you turn the "visible stamp" on. that puts the pacer unique
id on the top of their version of the pdf.

It has a header on top that reads:
Case 1:05-cv-11853-PBS Document 1 Filed 09/14/2005 Page 1 of 20

is that right?


It would be *really* helpful to get some metadata into the headers if you are scripting this stuff. You, me, and Tim Stanley (the real pacer expert) might want to have a brief email exchange about how to take the url you are looking at and embed the proper citation information into the pdfs as you
bring them in.

we're grabbing the docket and summary info; those look like they have
most everything.

"Stephen Schultze" <xxxxxxx@cyber.law.harvard.edu> wrote the code;
the four of us should definitely do an email -- i can put some samples
up if you and tim want to look over them


i will get you an account shortly. be warned that you, me, webchick, and /mtr and our sysadmin mdkail are the only ones who have accounts on this box and I expect you to exercise appropriate restraint. mdkail does sysadmin but his day job is chumby. vixie is our isp. his day job is the dns.