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Message 00184: Re: pacer

> i've got a program of "court reporters" in which individuals each adopt a
> court and do something--or-other to build up an archive.


> what's the easiest way to get me the data?  you want to just cut dvds or
> exchange cheap hard drives?  do you need an account you can write in on our
> thumper box?

an account on the box would be best.

> make sure that you turn the "visible stamp" on.  that puts the pacer unique
> id on the top of their version of the pdf.

It has a header on top that reads:
Case 1:05-cv-11853-PBS     Document 1      Filed 09/14/2005     Page 1 of 20

is that right?

>  It would be *really* helpful to get some metadata into the headers if you
> are scripting this stuff.  You, me, and Tim Stanley (the real pacer expert)
> might want to have a brief email exchange about how to take the url you are
> looking at and embed the proper citation information into the pdfs as you
> bring them in.

we're grabbing the docket and summary info; those look like they have
most everything.

"Stephen Schultze" <xxxxxxx@cyber.law.harvard.edu> wrote the code;
the four of us should definitely do an email -- i can put some samples
up if you and tim want to look over them