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Message 00183: Re: pacer

oh, i'd love to have the data.

i've got a program of "court reporters" in which individuals each adopt a court and do something--or-other to build up an archive.

my theory is that eventually we will have the opportunity to engage the relevant courts and present them back their archive. at least some of the judges will view that as a positive thing and accept.

one thing I learned is that, at a minimum, we have to scrub these for SSNs before we release them.

what's the easiest way to get me the data? you want to just cut dvds or exchange cheap hard drives? do you need an account you can write in on our thumper box?

make sure that you turn the "visible stamp" on. that puts the pacer unique id on the top of their version of the pdf.

It would be *really* helpful to get some metadata into the headers if you are scripting this stuff. You, me, and Tim Stanley (the real pacer expert) might want to have a brief email exchange about how to take the url you are looking at and embed the proper citation information into the pdfs as you bring them in.


On Sep 4, 2008, at 5:59 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

do you have someplace we can quietly store the data until we get it
all? looks like it might be a couple tb