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Message 00716: Re: call me ....

nice talk with Judge Lamberth.

he's fully up to speed on the FBI agencies (his reaction "you sure look like a dangerous fellow" :). Very nice guy.

I'm briefing David Reich this afternoon ... he is clerk of the appropriations subcommittee that gives the courts money. So, we now have two senate committees, one house committee, and a chief judge, plus the nytimes.

My inclination (but listen to your lawyer!) is that you not talk to them unless they absolutely insist. If the goal is to get their system back up and running, I was very specific as to what they should (embed the ip address in your cookie, if the ip address changes, ask them to login again). You are welcome to say "I know you talked to Carl and he went over the issues of how PACER works with you, so I don't think I'd have anything to add."

Lamberth was going to deny my fee request because the AO had said they were going to start scanning for SSNs. I said "how about you grant me the fee request until the AO can demonstrate to you that they can do that." He said yes. He's flying to Texas tonight and will have dinner with Judge Rosenthal. After he's talked to her, he will issue my formal response. (THis is a secret until we get to that point.)