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Message 00535: photos

very interesting ... we both get nytimes photo shoots. make sure you cooperate ... the photo desks are totally clueless (last article they had a guy in LA assigned to shoot me in Sebastopol).

This might be pretty big ... they might not run two photos, but if they do, then it is a nice piece.

i've advanced a news hook that I'm hoping they'll use:

1. in december, we outpublished .gov with 25m pages
2. in january, did the same with irs, 50m pages
3. we don't do this every month, but over 20 years it has certainly happened on a regular basis

extra bonus ... privacy.

i'm timing my irs release for the last day of the month.

Plus, we have an extrra hook with the RIAA thing, which I will send you in the next message. (My side job today.)

The end game for me is to be given an estate ... gpo.gov and title44 would be a really nice place to be.