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Message 00492: Re: NN?

On Jan 7, 2009, at 7:27 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

hmm. I can't stand Vint and I'm not alone on that. Felten would be a
lot of fun; don't know his politics, tho

He actually has a heart of gold, but I got to know him a long time ago. You'd actually really like him if you got a chance to talk to him ftf. Trick with him is that with weak staff (e.g., icann) he is no good ... if you picked vint, you'd want to pick the second level (e.g., vivek as deputy cto of mis, felten as deputy cto of voting, ....).

Don't know Ed's politics either. I was just impressed with how he handled Diebold in front of Congress.

But, I suspect we're looking in the wrong direction for this administration. They are going to be more impressed by a successful entrepreneur who is also technical. And, they're going to be impressed by somebody who made money. In short, somebody that would *not* impress you and me.