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Message 00483: Re: NN?

On Jan 7, 2009, at 7:06 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

was thinking about this over dinner and the obvious choice for CTO is
negroponte. he's got family in government, a high-profile, regularly
opines on policy, and needs a good excuse to leave the sinking ship.
how come he's never mentioned?

not that he's my pick or anything, just seems weird he hasn't been floated

A lot of names not floated that would make sense.

Yes, NN would be great. I always suspected he is probably right-wing, though he is certainly very neuter on politics. But, his brother (relative?) certainly indicates possible republican.

But, there are a lot of great names out there. (Holdren is a perfect example for science.)

I can't stand Andy Bechtolstein either, but he could certainly fit the bill (and he talks like Kissinger!). Judy Estrin could do the job as well ... again, not my choice, but strange that hasn't been floated since she's an official advisor.

I think that is one reason they haven't filled any of those jobs yet ... Julius may think he wants the job, but that would be a huge mistake. And, I don't their circle goes beyond the bus. dev./ceo crowd that they know well. E.g., they've met Bill Joy, but they don't hang with him. They keep floating vivek, but he's a cio, not a cto.