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Message 00478: Re: john schwartz

> people like Greg and even Clay, it makes it hard for me to operate.  I like
> them, but I'm not willing to let, e.g., Greg Elin, set my tech agenda and
> that seems to be part of their bargain with me.

Makes sense. Clay is very good at sidelining Greg, if you need it, and
usually pretty good about keeping off my back. But yeah, I insisted on
a commitment from them not to project manage before I took the money.

> heh.  that could be dangerous.  it is interesting that it is a total
> blackhole, but people still write articles citing people like Ballmer,
> Bezos, Schmidt (can you imagine Eric giving up being CEO of Google to be a
> White House aide!!).

I know! People keep trying to sell me that line...