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Message 00476: Re: john schwartz

On Jan 7, 2009, at 3:25 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

no, sunlight gets to write something BHO signs on day 1 as an executive order

what's yr memo on? rasiej also is in dc doing some of those

ok ... we're all on the same fire drill.  raisej is one of my reviewers.

i would not hold breath too long on the day 1 signing, but you never no. :) these are all parts of a big stack of paper which are "options" for the folks that actually run the various agencies. Nobody has to do any of this stuff, but the agency director does have to write a memo explaining why they won't.

mine is on federal register 2.0. attached. please do not share or even ack that you know it exists. :) it is under strict nda, etc.
what's the prob w sunlight money?

they like to do the program management thing, due diligence on their money, feedback on the goals and the deliverables. which is good. but, for the amount of money they deliver to me and the amount of PM they tend to do with people like Greg and even Clay, it makes it hard for me to operate. I like them, but I'm not willing to let, e.g., Greg Elin, set my tech agenda and that seems to be part of their bargain with me.

But, they are sitting on a very nice piece of money, they have pretty good contacts into the administration, and I think they are a good partner for you. They have done pretty good by metavid, you, pff, a few others, and I think their strong program management style is actually helpful for many of those groups (yourself included at times :)).

bechtolstein better than ballmer but if I'm gonna start a rumor id want it to be someone I genuinmely like

heh. that could be dangerous. it is interesting that it is a total blackhole, but people still write articles citing people like Ballmer, Bezos, Schmidt (can you imagine Eric giving up being CEO of Google to be a White House aide!!).


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