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Message 00473: Re: john schwartz

On Jan 7, 2009, at 2:57 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

Sunlight is apparently getting an executive order
to do transparency stuff.

you mean, they get a contract to do something? or, they are working on some memo that gets turned into gov policy? They've been very close to the vest with me.

Beth has had me working on an official 3-4 page memo, but I'm pretty sure they are just jerking me around. But, I'm working with several team leads, etc., so it is an official invited paper.

Let me know what you think ... I was wondering, because Ellen had said before she wanted to give me money and then all of a sudden got all hush-hush. :)) (Mind you, I'm very much of two minds about taking their money ...)

Folks at Kleiner-Perkins were saying Bill
Joy for CTO (?!).

jeez.  Bill in the White House?

he could do it, but he isn't a really good team player. He sort of looks like one at KP, but he is used to a really long leash from berkeley, sun, kp. You know, lives on the mountain in Aspen, flits about. I'd rather get Andy if we're going that route. He'd be amazing ... Kissinger of the tech world, even has the accent. He'd be very authoritative. :))

Maybe we should start that as a rumor. Bechtolstein for CTO. If you blog it I'll put it on twitter. Bet we could have this in a dozen newspapers within 48 hours. In fact, if I were to lay bets, I'd say the short list is down to Andy and Judy Estrin. That's way better than Ballmer and Bezos. :)