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Message 00424: Re: .gov crawl

> that said, I don't want this to become a tribal thing right away ... let's
> you and me get the core aspects of the architecture right before this goes
> out the door to become a group contribution thing.  Becky will be very
> helpful on the reporting side of this as well.  the trick is going to be
> getting the core crawlers working right, then anybody can add any metric
> that they want.  but, doing that initial crawl and digest will be hard and
> I'd like to keep the participants minimal.  you ok with that?

That sounds really smart to me.

> there is one other crawl we have access to ... I'm on the board of common
> crawl, which is done by Gil Elbaz, one of my donors.  He's the guy that did
> Ad Sense and sold it to Google (I think he was the largest outside
> shareholder when they went public).  They don't have a .gov focus yet, but
> could.  And, there are a variety of other operations like wikia and metaweb
> ... I'd like our audit stuff to stay agnostic and potentially work on any of
> those.

nice! I'll be sure to try to keep the tools pretty agnostic, then. let
me know if you get access to any of the other crawls.