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Message 00358: Re: a couple of questions

> If they are logging you in specifically, how did that interaction go?

I don't know.

> OK ... are you sticking with our .25 of the full thing estimate?  I'll try
> to do a more sophisticated look at the percentages.  I'd like to be fairly
> precise.

That's a very rough estimate; but it'd be hard to get a better one.

> New question ... do you still have a copy of the data?  Does anybody else?

No. No.

> cheese out of soured milk.  The important part for me is to see how we can
> turn the quarter pacer into the whole deal.  In my letter to Judge


> Did you and Vixie ever close the loop?

No, he never wrote back.

> For MIT, do you know Jeff Schiller
> who runs the campus network?

No, sounds like someone I should meet though.

> For Harvard, do you know Scott Bradner who
> works for the university?  I'm thinking one of them might be able to help
> you solve your 3480 problem ...

Yes, definitely -- hadn't thought of asking him. Will do.