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Message 00307: Re: pacer

> 1. I am running an SSN scanner on the data ... that will give me a bunch of
> hits that I have to look at by hand, so it will take me a while to scrub it.

Cool -- I'm curious what you find so let me know.

> 2. When the scan is done, I propose we announce the initial progress (25%
> (or more) of PACER created by the pacer p3wner posse).  I will announce that
> as an "alpha" release.

I think we may want to wait until Stephen's data is put together
before we go public.

> One last item ... I plan on giving you guys full credit for your work.  So,
> if you don't want that, better speak up now.  :))

I'm fine with getting credit for helping organize things, but you
should say that the actual data was collected by volunteers.