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Message 00306: pacer

So, I haven't heard from any of our metadata dudes, so let me suggest the following plan to move forward:

1. I am running an SSN scanner on the data ... that will give me a bunch of hits that I have to look at by hand, so it will take me a while to scrub it.

2. When the scan is done, I propose we announce the initial progress (25% (or more) of PACER created by the pacer p3wner posse). I will announce that as an "alpha" release.

3. You are free to keep accumulating data ... I want to be > 50% by the end of the year.

4. If/when we get metadata advice on how to do the XMP headers using a custom rdf schema, I'll stamp the existing archive, and call that beta.

5. Once we have a unique id stamp, we can start pulling in other pacer collections, such as my recycling stuff and Tim Stanley's proxy data (he uses client pacer id's, bills them for the work, then (with their permission) keeps a copy of the files).

I don't want to merge collections unless we can, using a script, be able to tell if file a (e.g., document x of docket foo) is the same as another file (e.g., document y of somebody else's version of docket foo).

Does this sound like a plan? Our biggest PR boost will be the percentage of PACER we've retrieved. So, if you want to create a pacer2 area and fill it, go for it.

One last item ... I plan on giving you guys full credit for your work. So, if you don't want that, better speak up now. :))