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Message 00141: political parsers: new mailing list

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you're all already on too many mailing lists, but I'd like to
invite you to a new one I'm starting that I think is really important.
As I've gotten more involved working on watchdog.net, I realize
there's quite a large community of people working on parsing what
might be called political data -- everything from SEC filings to
Census statistics. And, unfortunately, these people don't talk to each
other much, leading to a lot of duplication and confusion.

I'm hoping to fix that with a new list, called poliparse, and if
you're interested in this stuff I invite you to sign up here:


As part of it, I'm creating this wiki page listing the variety of data
sets we deal with and the different kinds of people on the list:


Please join the list, take a look at the wiki page, and invite anyone
else you think might be interested to join the list as well.

Thanks so much!
 - Aaron

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