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Message 00142: Google Groups: You've been invited to Political Parsers

 Aaron Swartz me@aaronsw.com has invited you to join the Political Parsers 
group with this message:

Hi there,

I'm writing because I'm excited about what you've been up to with political 
data -- all of you, in fact. And I've noticed that all of us working in this 
field don't talk to each other as much as we should. And some other folks I've
talked to have agreed. So we've decided to do something about it. We've 
created a new mailing list, poliparse, for all of us:

The idea is that it'll be a low-volume list; just a place to ask questions if 
you've got them and share what you're working on or have done, to keep us from
all reinventing the wheel and duplicating effort. 

I hope you'll join,
 - Aaron Swartz

Here is the group's description:

A group for people working in the trenches with political data to share what 
they're up to. See http://theinfo.org/get/politics

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