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Message 00107: Re: usps.gov

On Jul 11, 2008, at 12:55 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

Well, we can do it two ways ... instead of an invoice (which lets you call it cost of goods sold), you might want to make it a tax writeoff ... up to

I'm advised that since I don't itemize it should be an invoice.

i'll get that to you shortly .

i'll let you know when the data arrives. (IRS called also and they are
processing my order for 1500 DVDs. )

Yow! 1500? I had no idea it was so much. Looking forward to that.

Yup. I'm investigating jukeboxes. we may also need a windows box since at
two years are only available in their "alchemy" format.

I can't imagine each DVD is full, but even if it is, that's only like
10TB (=$1500), right? I guess it might be hard to fit that many drives
in a machine...

Should I put them on archive.org?

I can do it. I can't bulk download back out of archive.org. I'd rather be the point of origination, and it really isn't going to be that big a deal to process. (EDGAR was the same quantity, but it was ibm cartridge tapes.)