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Message 00103: Re: usps.gov

> well, the usps cashed my check.
> can you make a $2100 donation to public.resource.org?

Sure -- can you send me an invoice for tax purposes? Even just by
email would be fine. How should I send the money? I've got that much
in my PayPal account.

> the next step is to see what is on the disks (e.g., shrinkwrap licenses,
> etc...).  after that, I'll do a reality check with my lawyers, then if it
> looks good still, we'll publish.  worst case, I'll send you the disks, but I
> don't think it will come to that.

Sounds good. I'm thinking of starting a contract stripping group which
will try to do p.r.o-type stuff for non-government resources
(journals, books, and databases primarily). Calling it the Content
Liberation Front.

> i'll let you know when the data arrives.  (IRS called also and they are
> processing my order for 1500 DVDs. )

Yow! 1500? I had no idea it was so much. Looking forward to that.