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Message 00104: Re: usps.gov

On Jul 11, 2008, at 12:10 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

well, the usps cashed my check.

can you make a $2100 donation to public.resource.org?

Sure -- can you send me an invoice for tax purposes? Even just by
email would be fine. How should I send the money? I've got that much
in my PayPal account.

Well, we can do it two ways ... instead of an invoice (which lets you call it cost of goods sold), you might want to make it a tax writeoff ... up to you.

the next step is to see what is on the disks (e.g., shrinkwrap licenses, etc...). after that, I'll do a reality check with my lawyers, then if it looks good still, we'll publish. worst case, I'll send you the disks, but I
don't think it will come to that.

Sounds good. I'm thinking of starting a contract stripping group which
will try to do p.r.o-type stuff for non-government resources
(journals, books, and databases primarily). Calling it the Content
Liberation Front.


i'll let you know when the data arrives. (IRS called also and they are
processing my order for 1500 DVDs. )

Yow! 1500? I had no idea it was so much. Looking forward to that.

Yup. I'm investigating jukeboxes. we may also need a windows box since at least
two years are only available in their "alchemy" format.