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Message 00102: Re: usps.gov

[sorry for delays in responding -- in Italy]

> http://public.resource.org/bsc.ca.gov/

Wow, that's fantastic.

> The code folks are just beginning to notice, but I think we might get a
> dialogue (the CEO of the building codes council used to work for the Senator
> Daschle and the former CEO is James Lee Witt who was head of FEMA under
> Clinton ... so, I have some access via my former day gig at CAP, even if
> access is not leverage).

That'll be fun to watch, as usual.

> watchdog.net is very interesting.  that your full-time gig?  you could
> obviously use some ui help ... don't forget Becky if you're solvent enough
> to cut a design contract.  I know she enjoyed working with you and she's way
> too shy to volunteer herself to take your money.  so, even though that means
> she'd spend less time on my stuff, I offer my $0.02.  :)

Thanks -- she's the best but I worry about stealing her from other
things, but now I'll definitely ask her.

> You coming to igotf.org by any chance?  Not sure how useful it would be, but
> Adrian Holovaty and the everyblock crowd seems to be showing up in force.

Not sure yet, but it looks like I just might. Might have to go to
Chicago to visit family anyway around then.