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Message 00099: Re: usps.gov

Hi -

In case you didn't see it ...


The code folks are just beginning to notice, but I think we might get a dialogue (the CEO of the building codes council used to work for the Senator Daschle and the former CEO is James Lee Witt who was head of FEMA under Clinton ... so, I have some access via my former day gig at CAP, even if access is not leverage).

watchdog.net is very interesting. that your full-time gig? you could obviously use some ui help ... don't forget Becky if you're solvent enough to cut a design contract. I know she enjoyed working with you and she's way too shy to volunteer herself to take your money. so, even though that means she'd spend less time on my stuff, I offer my $0.02. :)

You coming to igotf.org by any chance? Not sure how useful it would be, but Adrian Holovaty and the everyblock crowd seems to be showing up in force.