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Message 00027: http://bulk.resource.org/copyright/ and definitive info on this LOC release

Carl, I work for Creative Commons (http://creativecommons.org) doing
business and community management. I am seeking more definitive
information about the release of all copyright data since 1978 by
Marybeth Peters that happened last week.

We are hopeful to get it included into http://demo.openlibrary.org which
will be going live ~ oct 17.

What would help is to have an official email and/or letter from Marybeth
Peters and/or Library of Congress affirming this, and/or put the audio
recording online.

Some others I work with are seeking more definitive info on this data
release by Library of Congress in addition to Mary Beth Peters. Can this
be provided and/or can you provide me an appropriate contact at Library
of Congress to get an answer on this? Maybe you can intro me to Mary
Beth Peters as well.

BTW: Creative Commons is working with Internet Archive's Open Library to
provide a system for tracking copyright, licenses and public domain
status...so, we are super happy about this, and just want to cover the
bases, before we get others committed to importing this data.



Jon Phillips
cell: +1.510.499.0894 (80% time)
desk: +1.415.369.8486 (20% time)

Community/Business Developer
Creative Commons

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