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Message 00012: Re: web.resource.org

Hi -

You're linked in at resource.org.

For mirroring, we're going to wait until Brad's back from break in a week.
If you've got web.resource.org cvs'd, that's the easy way for us to do it.  I
need him to sort through a few other cvs mirrors and he'll do your stuff
at the same time.

Let me know if you do anything strange on your srm file or with your

You going to spread the dot?  BTW, we tried to convince Larry Lessig that
.org is an crucial test of whether there will be public infrastructure
in the core Internet but he felt it was off-mission for both Creative
Commons and EFF.  I disagree with him ... I think it's directly on
mission when it comes to many of his interests, but it's hard to get
people to see how bit pushing infrastructure has an effect on more
general principles like the state of the commons.  Oh well.  :)



> Hi there,
> Thanks again for the domain. I just launched the site about five days 
> ago and I'm pretty happy with the success so far. It'd be great if I 
> could add media.org as a mirror. My needs are pretty small (we're not 
> doing anything flashy or getting a lot of hits but every bit of 
> redundancy helps), I'd just need a paragraph in the Apache conf and a 
> user account... something like:
> <VirtualHost *>
> ServerName web.resource.org
> ServerAlias *web.resource.org
> DocumentRoot /var/www/webres/
> </VirtualHost>
> should work fine.
> You might also want to add http://web.resource.org/ to the resource.org 
> index at http://www.resource.org/
> Thanks again for all your help,
> --
> Aaron Swartz [http://www.aaronsw.com] 
> 4FAC4838B7D8D13FA6D92EDB4145521E79F0DF4B