Preface, Foreword and E-Preface, in which we secure funding for a voyage which will take us three times around the world in six months and give new meaning to the phrase “many fine lunches and dinners.”

Prologue: The Document Liberation Front, in which we delve into the abyss of international politics and wade through hordes of Jehovah’s Witnesses to examine a Bulgarian FEP.

Geneva     Prague     Zürich     Geneva     Paris     Boulder

Round 1: From INTEROP to IETF, in which we meet the Internet Samurai and the Uncle of the NSFNet and go to the zoo to witness the birth of EBONE.

San Jose     Honolulu     Tokyo     Fujisawa     Akihabara     Hong Kong     Macau     Singapore     Dublin     Amsterdam     London     Tampere     Paris     Geneva     Nice     Geneva     Ithaca     New York     Washington     Santa Fe     Boulder

Round 2: From Christmas to Cleveland, in which we encounter a massively parallel bicycle in Mt. View, find magic boxes in Oz, and go swimming in the Sea of Acronyms in Europe.

Berkeley     Mountain View     San Francisco     Moffet Field     Wellington     Dunedin     Auckland     Melbourne     Sydney     Canberra     Adelaide     Singapore     Kuala Lumpur     Bangkok     Amsterdam     Utrecht     Bonn     Brussels     Paris     Washington, D.C.     Cleveland     Chicago     Boulder

Round 3: In Search of a Standards Haven, in which we meet the world’s most intelligent building, try to convince people to do the bloody obvious, and learn the origins of the Internet.

Marina del Rey     San Francisco     Tokyo     Seoul     Taipei     Hong Kong     Bombay     Madison     Boulder