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Message 00789: Re: From Google: Free Bulk Data from US Patent and Trademark Office

On Jun 2, 2010, at 5:21 PM, Brewster Kahle wrote:

> we can store copy on the archive if it is useful.  we have a copy of the 
> DVD's somewhere on the archive.  is this the same?

If you're talking about the intellectual ventures disk drive, that was kind of 
a joke. this is way more complete. includes images, plus stuff that wasn't 
available before.

> btw, we are getting pretty good at mass submissions using the S3 service if 
> you guys are up for doing the script to grab it.

whomever does this should also keep it up to date ... it is starting at 10 
tbytes and in theory will grow to about 70. Also important that we do at least 
a minimal documentation in item descriptions.

Aaron, you looking for a hobby? I'm pretty slammed through the end of june with 
my video stuff, plus have to appear before the 9th circuit of the court of 
appeals in a couple of weeks and that has me fairly busy. :)

(The Cambria folks at PatentLens are in this business, they've copied the data 
already. Nat Torkington working with them, Behlendor has advised them. Another 
way to do this is get them to store their data over with you as a copy and 
curate it.)