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Message 00759: Re: fed docs

On Nov 18, 2009, at 4:38 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

He's new and hasn't done much with the agencies (except the Fed). Was just wondering if there was a top data target you were hoping for.

most of my top data targets are probably above his pay grade. pacer, patent, a scan of the fdlp. :)
They're redoing the website; hopefully it'll validate when they're done.

just so painful building a web site in that world. I got a taste of that when I got to CAP and it was all Kintera, the CMS from hell run on a bunch of Win/NT IIS servers by a bunch of failed doctors.

You see my 200-hour upload to YouTube? Looking very nice. Brewster having problems converting the data, but we've called a meeting and hopefully that will get fixed (they have a variety of issues on transcoding, but my position is "hey, it looks fabulous on YouTube" which seems to be a motivating position). Seems to have impressed the federal judicial center that we were able to rescue that much of their old data.

So, what are you up to now? (Besides interning with members of congress? ;)).