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Message 00724: Re: fbi

Who's Duff?

director of the administrative office of the courts.

I have Karen Redmond caught in a lie to the ny times (she told them that they were scanning documents for social security numbers, the AO has just announced they are starting to develop that capability. whoops.

I'm characterizing the FBI investigation as a witchhunt, an attempt to silence whistleblowers, the reaction of a vindictive bureaucracy to being embarrassed by a major NY Times investigation and a U.S. Senate investigation. There are no facts in dispute, we took advantage of their poorly designed program and they now have egg on their face and they ignored tens of thousands of violations of the e-government act in an attempt to cover up their malfeasance.

Like I said ... nuclear missile. I'll do many drafts of this and it won't go out until the language is quite smooth, but lying and malfeasance are definitely the topics. At the very least, this will result in a congressional hearing if they screw this up ... I'm even going to accuse them of knowing I wanted to be public printer and doing this FBI thing as a way of meddling in the executive branch to stop my appointment. :)