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Message 00723: Re: fbi

> btw, is this quote verbatim or did you at least write it down very soon
> after the call?  Or, was this a recollection or reconstruction later?

I typed it during the call. I revised it slightly right after sending it:

"I'm sure you can get what this is about. [Oh?] PACER. We're
interested in sitting down and talking to you about it, more so to
just find out exactly what happened, so we can help the US Courts get
their system back up. As you know, it's still down. If you'd be
willing to just sit down with us and talk in the next couple weeks.
[Well, I'll need to talk to my lawyer.] If it was something bigger
than that we wouldn't have called you to ask. We can come to wherever
you're at. We can meet you at a Starbucks or a restaurant; it doesn't
need to be at your house. [OK.] Let me know."

> Am putting together a 1,200 word nuclear missile for Mr. Duff ... if he
> screws up my nomination, I want to make sure we're both out of a job.  I'm
> going to sit out the week either way ... there is some white house action
> happening and I want to see where they are going this week.  But, getting
> the letter ready just in case gives me something to do.  :)

Who's Duff?