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Message 00703: Re: fbi

fyi, I have a meeting with Adam at 9AM tomorrow.

I'm going to try and get Agent Honeycut to interview me on Thursday. With any luck, Senate will allow me to do the interview in their offices.

I then go see Judge Lamberth later that day.

Give me a couple of days. If your lawyer wants to call and do the "is this an investigation of a crime" conversation with her, that is fine, but I'd rather you don't do the interview with her this week to give me a chance to work this end.

I'm also going to talk to John Schwartz to brief him, but ask that he not do anything and that he *NOT* talk to you. If he calls you, you should decline the interview until we get a bit farther along.

I'm working to paint this as a desperate attempt by Duff and the AO to silence bad news, e.g., the audits.