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Message 00678: Re: what's your crawler written in?

On Apr 2, 2009, at 6:59 AM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

doing ok. my life is permanent limbo. had an interview for the gpo job, in theory I'm on a list which at some point will be advanced to the next stage. So, I've been keeping relatively quiet. the presidential personnel process
is definitely a screwy one.

wow, that's fantastic news!

relatively indeed -- you still make for 12 out of every 20 posts in my
twitterstream :)

hah, you need to follow more people then. i'm fairly modest in my postings.

what's the next screwy hurdle?

they need to cut their list from 6 to 3, then those people meet the director of presidential personnel (I met the staffer and the deputy director). then, the list goes to the president.

problem is they're not focused on this job, no hurry to get Bob out of there. unions also have their pony in the race. so, they're doing important stuff like ambassadors, etc.

big issue with me is will I piss off the unions, congress.

so, I'm just waiting. this is all totally confidential .. told them this part of my campaign is totally off-the-record to prove I'm a team player.