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Message 00548: Re: nytimes photo?

On Feb 3, 2009, at 4:27 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

yeah, the IRS stuff is great. would like organization name search... i
assume google will get to it eventually... why don't you have a
sitemap? sign up for google webmaster tools for sure! it'll definitely
help in getting them to index it all

yeah, yeah ... just been lazy, that's all. I don't really need sitemap because I don't particulary have cgi scripts. but, custom search, etc would be useful.

they index me pretty aggressively ... I'm on a couple manual lists. It really doesn't take them that long to chew through this stuff and for it to start showing up in their indices. a couple of months.

have asked watchdog folks if we can integrate the EO data

(note that I have several metadata files in there ... that's definitely the way to swallow this stuff. or, use exiftool or pdfinfo to pull the metadata out of the files)

and, if I may be intrusive and nosy, is up with watchdog? becky sure seems to have clammed up about the situation, but she is clearly not happy. All she told me was that you have 2 months left and that she is still doing 6am conference calls. have you two communicated yet? email, skype, whatever? I would think the future of watchdog is less important than: 1) a clear understanding of the current financial pile and 2) some understanding about whether you want to work with her on the next project or should she be looking for another major client? I know you may not have all the answers on this stuff, but communications sure would be helpful. Lecture over.

nytimes is close ... schwartz filed the piece. we're lucky we weren't on the plate tomorrow, because the Weds. paper will be an all Daschle issue. :) John said definitely this week.

I've been tearing through my district courts ... calling attorneys, clerks, and a whole bunch of other people ... I've got many of my 32 districts doing aggressive steps. The ones that won't, I've been cold- calling lawyers ... "hi, were you plaintiff's counsel in Foo v. Bar? Did you know that .... I wanted to call you before calling the newspapers." Seems fairly effective, but it is a ton of work.