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Message 00465: Re: gil

> you and Gil talk?

yup. got along well but he was noncommittal about a check; haven't
heard anything since. i like him.

> I have not heard back from Stephen Schultze on the nytimes thing.  Is he ok
> going on the record?  (I did not divulge his name yet, did yours.)

I can't say.

> Finally ... how is your .gov audit going?  Will there be enough

the linkcheck code is going much slower than I expected. I haven't
gotten much chance to optimize it (although I'm using a O(1) lookup,
so I'm not sure how it can be that much faster). I have 3.4GB of
linkcheck reports so far, but it's still got a ways to go.

> work/deliverable to merit a second check, or is $12.5k going to handle the
> resources you have in it?  (I'm doing my year-end book closing and I don't
> mind showing another $12.5k on the books owed to you for future work, but if
> we end up reversing it because we both agree it didn't involve $25k of work,
> that is kind of a pain because it impacts my audit ... so, if we're done on
> that piece for phase I at $12.5k, we should declare it to be so ... if the
> project will grow to be $25k worth of whatever it is you deliver, then we
> should put it on the books.)

I think $12.5K should certainly be enough to finish what we discussed
for phase 1.

> Happy new year!

Same to you! Wishing you the best of luck...

> P.S. thumper:/pro/bulk.resource.org/irs$ find . -type f | wc -l
>  39378123
> Seeing light at the end of the tunnel ... should reach 43m or so tiff files
> in a week or so and that will be all the dvds.  Then, I can start the batch
> jobs and start stitching this all together.