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Message 00464: gil

you and Gil talk? he sending you a check? He's a .com winner, but he's also on the caltech board of trustees and the x prize board. Smart guy. I told him p.r.o. or sunlight could be conduits for getting you money if necessary.

I have not heard back from Stephen Schultze on the nytimes thing. Is he ok going on the record? (I did not divulge his name yet, did yours.)

Finally ... how is your .gov audit going? Will there be enough work/ deliverable to merit a second check, or is $12.5k going to handle the resources you have in it? (I'm doing my year-end book closing and I don't mind showing another $12.5k on the books owed to you for future work, but if we end up reversing it because we both agree it didn't involve $25k of work, that is kind of a pain because it impacts my audit ... so, if we're done on that piece for phase I at $12.5k, we should declare it to be so ... if the project will grow to be $25k worth of whatever it is you deliver, then we should put it on the books.)

Happy new year!


P.S. thumper:/pro/bulk.resource.org/irs$ find . -type f | wc -l

Seeing light at the end of the tunnel ... should reach 43m or so tiff files in a week or so and that will be all the dvds. Then, I can start the batch jobs and start stitching this all together.